Hlíf members are parties to various vocational education and training funds that have been the subject of negotiations prior to the collective agreements that have been reached. Which fund each respective member has access to depends on where the relevant member works, and also on the collective agreement according to which that member is being paid. The objective of the vocational education and training funds is to financially facilitate the members to partake in lifelong learning and retraining. This does not imply only regular traditional learning but also various shorter courses and in some instances also recreation studies.

Hlíf labour union manages the administration of grants for individuals on behalf of all the funds. The member in question applies to the Union for the grant, which in return processes the grant to the member.

In addition to grants to individuals, Starfsafl and Flóamennt award grants to enterprises and organisations. Special provisions apply to these, and applications for grants are addressed directly to the funds themseleves. The rules and the application forms for grants for individuals and for organisations and businesses can be found here below.

Starfsafl is the vocational education and training fund of Flóabandalagið and SA – the Confederation of Icelandic Employers. The objective of this fund is to develop and advance vocational and continuous education for the benefit of employees and companies.

Rules for grants for individuals (in Icelandic)

You apply for individual grants by filling in a form here on this website, and print out a filled in form and then deliver the form as well as the original copy of an invoice or a payment slip to the Hlíf office.

Application form (in Icelandic)

Business enterprises pay vocational education premiums to vocational education funds (e.g. Starfsafl) and they can apply for grants to offer courses for their employees. Business enterprises will also be able to get a publicity supervisor on loan to their company and apply for grants for educational purposes by the companies themselves. The grants and the size of grants depend upon which unions the employees are members of.

You will find further information (in Icelandic) on the Starfsafl website.


Flóamennt is the vocational education and training fund of Hlíf, Efling and VSFK, for those workers who work for the government and in nursing homes. The objective of the fund is on the one hand to advance the vocational education and training and the lifelong learning of the employees and on the other hand to increase the possibilities of organisations to develop their field of operation.

Rules for awarding individual grants (Icelandic)

These rules specify the amount of grants and how a person becomes eligible for a grant. The government employees and the staff of residential and nursing homes such as Sólvangur, Hrafnista, the Health Services as well as Vegagerðin (the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration) can apply to this fund.

Application form for individual grants. (In Icelandic)

The form must be printed out, filled in and returned to the Hlíf office.

Rules for grants for organisations (in Icelandic)

Application form for organisations. (Icelandic)

Hlíf Training Course Fund

The Hlíf Training Course Fund is intended for employees who work for Hafnarfjörður and Garðabær municipalities and for schools that are associate members of the Association of Independent schools (SSSK).

Rules for the awarding of individual grants. (Icelandic)

Application form for individual grants.

The filled in application must be delivered to the Hlíf office, as well as an authorised receipt of payment and verification that the education/course has been completed.