The Hlíf Sickness Fund is meant to supply the members with financial support because of sickness, accidents and other calamities which they or others who are close to them may suffer. The sickness fund at the same time awards grants for physical exercising, physiotherapy, cancer screening examination, the purchasing of eye-glasses and hearing aids etc. In addition to this support the fund may support various preventative measures.

Regulations for the Union Sickness Fund (in Icelandic)

Sickness allowance

When the employer‘s obligation to pay sickness allowance runs out, the fund member is entitled to receive a per-diem allowance for a period of up to four months (120 days). The payment may amount up to 80% of the average pay during the last 6 months prior to the loss of income, however within a maximum limit.

Other grants

The Hlíf sickness fund entitles you to various other grants other than the sickness allowance. The pre-requisite requirement to obtain a grant is that the member has paid continuously for the past 6 months into the Hlíf sickness fund. The grant amount assumes that a 1% payment has been made of the minimum pay rate at any particular time for a fulltime work position (100%). The payment is pro rate for people who work in part time positions. A grant is awarded once every twelve months.

Rules for other grants (In Icelandic)

Application forms

In order to apply for grants, you need to print out the relevant application form, fill it in and deliver it to the Hlíf office. At the same time you can fill in the application form at the office and then the staff can assist you if need be.

Application for sickness allowance

Application for other grants

Application for death compensation